[quote user="BlueSanta"][quote user="nycsportzfan"]ya I don't really notice a huge lack of arM strength either Sure its not like hes got JaMarcus Russell ArM strength but hes got enough of a arM to be successful in that aspect thats for sure I liken hiM to Andy Dalton a kid who is just very sMart and savy and is just good at football There is way to Many stupid players in the NFL where a player that has savy and sMarts and anticipates and can flat out fool defenders is going to succeed Sure dalton weighs upwards to 20lbs on kellen and has a inch or 2 on hiM but i think Moore can be every bit as successful and people May be suprised at Kellen's success given a chance Then again he could never be given a chance SoMetiMes it happens like that as well Theres probably 10000000 players who never were given chances who can play in this league because of so called liMitations but then guys like Wayne Chrebet Wes Welker Drew Brees JiM Leohnard Doug Flutie Danny Woodhead Steve Largent and others are lucky enough to get a chance and people are like "hey these guys can play!" To be honest i think it Makes for a better league when u add good football players like that to the league because right now its watered down with way to Many flat out "DUMB" players but they have the size and ht and so called NFL bodies
Last year, well prior to the draft, well before he had a good senior bowl or combine I said I thought some team was going to fall in love with Christain Ponder. Watching Moore, I get the same feeling. In a way he reminds me a lot of Ponder. He has the same type of accuracy and has an underated arm. I dont like his throwing motion as much as Ponders. But its not a bad 1 either. He also doesnt hold onto the ball too long like Ponder sometimes did.

The 1 knock on him is his height. But, I dont buy it in his case for a couple reasons:

1) Watch his highlights and you will see him do 1 thing better than most NFL vets. He ALWAYS looks defenders off. You just dont see this kid stare down recievers. This makes it very difficult for tall defensive lineman to bat his throws down. He will look right, look mid, and dump it off left instantly. The Poor D-lineman dont have a chance to get their hands up cause they cant read his eyes.

2) He isnt a runner by nature but he has decent mobility. Like Doug Flutie, like Drew Breeze and since he is a left especially like Steve Young and mike Vick, he is mobile enough to find the passing lanes by putting himself in position quickly. Without being overly technical about why, being left handed helps him as a shorter QB too. Mostly because the upfield rushers are usually lined up on the left side. It gives an extra demention of defensive scheme to counter lefty QBs.

Im not going to keep arguning this because it just goes around in circles I see what would be the weakest arm in the NFL out there and all the anticipation in the world isnt going to cover it up. His ability to read defenses could be invaluable to a team though and it may allow him to have a good career as an NFL back up but a franchise signal calling QB he is not. U guys keep bringing up Drew Brees he is nothing like Drew Brees.Yes Brees is short but he doesnt have all the other short comings. Pennington had a weak arm after 3 arm surgeries but he wasnt 5'11 with horrible mechanics.While all these other QB's might have 1 negative they dont run the gamut like Moore does.Wouldnt surprise me if he ended up being a great clipboard holder though because of his mind

Here look at this this guy put up a great piece on why Kellen is not a franchise QB. Before u say its Bleacher Report the guy has real credentials he isnt some hack and I agree with everything he points at.


Thats a disaster in the NFL. U dont have the same room to throw in the NFL as college.There will be bodies all around him.