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Jared Crick vs Washington 2011

check out the hit he lays at 2.10

Chris Polk vs Nebraska 2011

[/quote]was wondering about Oklahoma's DE FRANK ALEXANDER I read he's picking up steam and his game against FLA ST was pretty good U got any tape on em?[/quote]Actually i dont.I always meant to do the Nebraska game from last year and i just never got to do it. I started looking at The Oklahoma D vs the FSU O. I will see whats up.At the worst ill scribe his plays for a compilation vid if there isnt enough for a single game one. I was mainly working on R Lewis and T Lewis first and then i was going to do Bradham and Jenkins. I can only really watch 1 or 2 guys at a time or it gets kind of overwhelming. Like when I watch Alabama its so hard because I know theres like 8 guys I have to look at and I have to rewind the game and watch the same play like 5 times to see every individual match up, it takes forever. I have so many guys I want to profileand its like where the hell do I start. I actually was thinking about looking at Greg Scruggs but maybe i will work the Oklahoma FSUtape.

Anyway here is 3 new vids

Josh Chichester vs FIU 2011 This is a very intriguing TE prospect. He has a huge frame 6'8" 240but he is very raw and needs to add some weight, He has a very high ceiling though

T.Y. Hilton vs Louisville Same game could be an explosive slot receiver KR. A lot of these guys coming through College football these days

Jermaine Kearse vs Nebraska 2011 A WR I havent profiled yet and took the opportunity while working the Nebraska defense. Not his most productive game but still scored a couple TD's


Jenkins is a heck of a player, but FSU has been using him in a slightly more versatile capacity this year as I think you will see if the OKLA game. Last year Jenkins was almost purely a edge rusher. This year they have him as a LB/DE hybrid and he plays in space sometimes.

Whats interesting is why they did this considering he was 1 of the nations top passrushers in 2010. The Answer, as I am sure you will see in the OK video, is Sophomore Bjorn Werner. Werner is a monster, he is only a sophomore but we will hear a lot of his name in the next 2 years.

Werner is a guy I will get back to when I start the 2013 guys. I will probably focus a lot more on the 2012 guys this yearand start the 2013 guys after the draft. Most people will find all the 2010 film i did worthless in there evaluating so I sorta wasted my team me thinks.

Anyway I didnt do this vid its by Marioclp but there in the same vein as mine and he wanted to dothis game.

Harrison Smith vs. Michigan State (2011)

I like Harrison Smithbut what do U guys think. Is he a better prospect then Tyler Sash? I think he is