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Finally got my power back so I can post without using that small little touch screen it was driving me nuts i just refused to do it.</p>

<font color="#0033cc">Case Keenum vs Rice 2011</font></p>

<font color="#0033cc">Chris Givens vs Virgina Tech 2011</font> </p>

<font color="#0033cc">Nick Toon vs Nebraska 2011</font></p>[/quote] man, Keenum might not have a rifle arm, but he sure can make some nice touch passes as seen 2min 11secs and 3min 45secs in... Something about Keenum i like, even though hes from that shoot out offense.. Uusally i'm not a fan of so many of those type guys, but i like Kellen Moore, Case Keenum, Chandler Harnish, and Gj Kinne this yr.. I'm not saying i think there all gonna make it and be studs, but i woulden't mind taking a chance on any of em, and see if u can catch lighting in a bottle..

My rankings of those 4 would go like this

Tied for 1st Moore and Harnish