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Andrew Luck vs Oregon 2011</P>

Brian Quick vs Virginia Tech 2011 Probably the Best Small School Prospect in the Draft</P>

Tommy Streeter vs Virginia 2011</P>

Matt Barkley vs Washington 2011</P>



[/quote] Finally, i got to see Brian Quick! Thanks for that redeye! Dude showed nice moves, speed, and balance in that video.. Now i understand why i actually saw him mocked to PATS in rd 2 by some mock site, awhile back... I'd like to see Brian Quick guarded by Trumaine Johnson.. Those are the 2most talented small school kids this yr..
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Yeah I had only see this video before from 2010 </P>

<FONT color=#0033cc>Brian Quick vs. Villanova (2010)</FONT>

I like this small school guy a lot as well </P>

<FONT color=#0033cc>Duke Ihenacho vs Idaho 2011</FONT>

Also Ive seen a lot of debate on Weeden the last few weeks. Ive seen the draft range projections from the 2nd to 6th round. </P>

<FONT color=#0033cc>Brandon Weeden vs Texas Tech 2011</FONT>

<FONT color=#0033cc>Trent Richardson vs Mississippi State 2011</FONT></P>

<FONT color=#0033cc>Fletcher Cox vs South Carolina 2011</FONT></P>

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