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[quote user="nycsportzfan"] Redeye was wondering if u could find some tape of ILB Carmen messina of New mexico Dudes a beast and a guy i have a feeling will be gone alot sooner then some think(i think RD 4-5 range) Been following his game stats all yr and he ended with a 21tackle game against Boise St Regardless of how he came upon that many tackles its impressive! statistaclly hes got a nice all around game I'd like to see some tape if possible
[/quote]They have a few games up u have a preferance</p>

Boise State</p>

Air Force</p>

Col St- I have</p>


Texas Tech</p>

</p>[/quote] The boise ga<span class="echo-item-text">me would be ideal but any will do