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Fletcher Cox vs Wake Forest

Derek Wolfe vs Vanderbilt 2011

Justin Blackmon vs Stanford Fiesta Bowl

TJ Graham vs Louisville Belk Bowl

Robert Blanton vs Stanford 2011

[/quote] Fletcher Cox is freaking sensational! I think Devon Still and Fletcher Cox are the 2best DT's in this draft.. If Cox is on the board the end of RD 1 I would be estatic to get him.. I think a dream scenario would be cox in RD 1 Hayward in RD 2 and Audie Cole in RD 3.. That would boost our defense so much. obviously that would mean no Dwayne Allen but there is some solid Te's in FA'cy and we'd still have a shot at George Bryan possibly in RD 4 or a guy like David Paulson in RD 5 or Evan Rodriguez in RD 5-6.. I'd be happy picking up Visanthe Shiancoe on a 1-2yr deal in FA'cy and then going with Ballard and Shiancoe if we could get the draft i just mentioned[/quote]

I wouldnt mind that plan at all.

I do think Still is the best DLman prospect this year, at least in my eyes. But, Cox is no slouch.
[/quote] Ya Still is the best DT in my opinion as well but i think COX has a bigger upside and offers a tad more versatility.. I think Cox could be a perfect additon to what Linval brings to the table as well..