[quote user="BlueSanta"][quote user="allentown PA"]Jerel Worthy DT from michigan ST is who im hoping for..thoughts?[/quote]

I still have a hard time deciding on him because he is such a hot and cold player. 1 week he looks unstoppable and the next your left scratching your head wondering where he went.

He is 1 of those guys I am kind of watching out of the corner of my eye at the combine. I want to see if there is fitness problem because I cannot understand how a guy can be so amazingly disruptive 1 quarter, and invisible the next.


The reason why he is so up-and-down is simply because he's just a 1-gap shooter. He obviously excels at shooting gaps but when that doesn't work (as, of course, you can't explode off the snap on every single play) you can block him effectively because he isn't very good at holding up at the line of scrimmage and disengaging. His game centers around his first step, and only his first step. Either he gets penetration, or gets blocked up easily when lineman get their hands on him imo