[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="juice33s"]Also some Amini Silatolu (G out of Midwestern State) would be nice.....

for my ealry mock I'm going Fleener, Silatolu and Shwartz for anyone that cares

<H1 class=mar_12_b><SPAN>
</SPAN></H1>[/quote] ya, good luck finding any silatolu.. I was looking for vid's of him over a month ago, and had trouble..* I'm with u* on the excitement over the kid though..* Hes got wonderful power and size, and completely destroyed the lower level comp he played..* Its funny that your the 2nd person(slip the other) who has mentioned him in the past day or so, as i figured it woulden't be long before people around here started bringing his name up..lol[/quote] Yeah people dont put those games up.The 1 agent that has offered me tape doesnt represent that guy