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[quote user="lawl"]Looks to be a weak wr draft next year? If so, good thing we got another one this year[/quote] I'm a huge Kenny Stills guy myself.. I think hes gonna be a stud in the NFL.. Of course he might not come out..

Also, Ryan Swope, and a guy i suggest u all get to know, Josh Boyce WR T.C.U.. Boyce , Swope, and Stills are more really good number 2 WR's, i think, but then u got Robert Woods, Keenan Allen, Marquees Wilson, and Da'Rick Rogers, who i think all project to number 1's in the pros.. There is some JR's in the mix, but if some of em come out, this could be a very deep WR class yet again.. Heres the list of potential WR's that could come out(mix of Jr's and Sr's) Robert Woods would be my number 1, but i also really like Stills, and my underrated WR would be Josh Boyce...

Kenny Stills WR Ok

Da'Rick Rogers WR Tenn

Keenan Allen WR Cal

Marquees Wilson WR Wash St.

Ryan Swope WR Tex AM

Cobi Hamilton WR Arkansas

Robert Woods WR U.S.C( i would of taken him ahead of Blackmon this yr)

Josh Boyce WR T.C.U(hes got a good QB, so you'll continue to see big numbers)

Keenan Davis WR Iowa

Tavarees King WR Georgia(underachiever, but could blast off this yr, he needs to!)


Justin Hunter of Tenn is a Top 5receiver in this classas well but he tore his ACL real early last year.

This class doesnt have the size of this year. Robert Woods Id say is the best receiver. Guy is a technichan. He runs routes from everywhere and catches everything. Might not be the 1st guy taken thoguh. Seems like teams prefer the bigger receivers early

[/quote] U don't think Robert Woods is gonna be the first WR taken? I have a feeling hes going in the top 5, so that would prboably be first wr taken, if that happens.. Hes insanely good..[/quote]Bigger or more physical receivers usually go early thats all.[/quote] Ya, i don't think theres any ryhme or reason but that there has been more guys who are bigger that were deserving of being selected earlier in the draft.. Guys like Reggie Wayne and Kendall Wright do come along though.. Robert Woods is in that category, if not better... Hes ridiculously good...[/quote]Yeah didnt say he wasnt the best receiver but he will be found in the slot most of the time in the NFL. Most of the early tape Ive gone through has been of QB's and pass rushers. Ive been amazed by the depth and quality of the edge rushers in this class. Many of the pass rushers are very athletic but fit the mold mostly as OLB's or pure 4-3 Pass rush specialists. it does seem to be lacking in Strongside 4-3 ends. If the Giants are looking to replace Osi they should get a great opportunity to do so.[/quote] Ya, i don't agree about Woods, but thats neither here nor there..

As far as Pass Rushers, i agree, which is why drafting aStrong Side DE for Tucks future, or at least, possible future replacement would of been a solid idea, espeically with Cam Johnson falling so far.. I am alittle intrigued with Craig Marshall, the kid we got from S.Florida...