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Say Bradshaw is dinged up this yr, and we don't get much behind David Wilson, is there any chance we go RB again in a early rd next season?

If so, could we add a speed back like kenjon barner in say rd 2or3? A david wilson/kenjon barner RB duo could be pretty intersting... Cierre Wood is another back who would be outstanding duo with David Wilson.. Cierre Wood is no joke.. I've watched pretty much every game hes played, and hes tremendous, and really coming along...


I hope not. You know I love Wilson, but taking high rb 2 straight years would be a huge risk. I do think Bradshaw is nearing the end of his rope and we need another guy to step up, but I hope we dont have to spend a high pick on that guy. I would like to see us get a year or 2 more out of Bradshaw and hope his mentality rubs off on our youngsters. I know it is blaspheme around here to say this, but I actually am not sold on Da'rel Scott. I hope he proves me wrong. I think people saw a couple speed plays out of him in the preseason last year, in the final minutes of games where his opponents were mostly guys who are not in the NFL anymore. I think he has a fumble problem too, and people assume that because TC helped fix Tiki, the same will happen with Scott. I admit it is a possibility but do not see that as a given.

My hope is that Wilson and Bradshaw can provide enough production and stability to the position for enough time for us to find a mid/late round guy in the next couple years to eventually replace AB.

[/quote] ya but david wilson had a fumbling problem in college as well..Again, same theory, people think because coughlin fixed tiki's problem, that he'll fix Wilson's.. I like Scott because of his versatility and ability to return kicks, and hes even been tried at WR while at maryland, so i'm sure he picked up a few things.. Darius Heyward Bey has been quoted as saying " on paper it might say i'm faster, but Scott is a diffrent kinda animal"... That type of blazing speed in a 210lb body that can also return kicks could be very useful as a 2nd or 3rd RB and possibly 1st if he really takes to the coaching he recieves.. I actually really like Da'rel Scott, more so for his upside then anything else... I realize he could very well never make a dent on playing time, but i also realize he has enough speed and ability to possibly crack the rotation or even more..

As far as picking a RB early again, i agree, it woulden't be a ideal situation, but i'm talking about if Bradshaw is hurt again on and off.. If that is the case, and no one steps up including Da'rel Scott, then i wonder if we go RB in a early-ish rd.. I'm not nessecarily meaning the first or 2nd rd, but maybe 3rd or something like that.. Similar to what the 9ers did adding Lamichael James in RD 2 as a all around dual threat playmaker, despite having Gore, Hunter, Jacobs, and Dixon all ready on board..