Heres a final list of guys i'm interested in REDEYE.. I know u like when people give u a bunch of guys to work on over a stretch of time, so heres some more my friend.. Obviously to be done when ever u get time... Great work as usual!!! I'm really starting to get amped for the season of college and new crop of prospects!!! I'll put the few down i all ready mentioned as well, that u haven't got to yet..

So here they are..

craig roh de michigan
zach line rb/fb s.m.u
a.j klein ilb iowa st
james ferentz c iowa(nice sleeper)
cameron meredith de nebraska
leon mcfadden cb san diego st(i like this kid! Hes gonna have monster yr)
rod sweeting cb georgia tech
jordan kovacs s michigan(nice sleeper)
sylvester williams dt unc(u might have him, i just overlooked)
akeem spence dt illinois(i expect big things from him this yr.. Purdue game would be a nice one to check out)
kenny tate lb/s maryland(was having huge yr before inj last season.. Feel like been around forever. definetly a productive versatile kid)
ryan nassib qb syracuse( i liked this kid last yr, and like em more with a bit more exp)
john boyett fs oregon