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    I had only watched his best games I wanted to get into some of the videos against better lineman to see how he played. 1 thing about Short he has been a guy ive seen associated with taking plays off. Maybe he is playing to many snaps. He also dropped 20 pounds since this video might help him some
    yep I knew about the weight thing, but there are a couple run plays there were he gets side blocked 10 yards away from the designed hole and I dont see him even begin to put up a fight. What worries me is the possibility that it is an effort thing and not a fitness thing. As I said above, there are times when the runner is already through the hole and at the LB level before he locates the ballcarrier with his eyes. Granted Ball is a very good back, but he isnt a small scatback who should be that hard to find, especially with as straight forward a blocking system as Wisconsin uses. If you are being trap blocked to your right, that is because the ballcarrier is trying to go to your left, so your fight the block in that direction.

    I also noted how often on passing plays he was just completely stonewalled in 1v1 blocks. That happens to everyone, in every game, even the best players. But you would hope when it does happen that the guy at least gets his hands up to force the Qb to maybe wait a half second longer to throw, or alter his trajectory, or change the passing lanes...etc. I dont even see him do that.

    It appears as though he is capable of a nice burst at the snap sometimes. But when that burst doesnt get him immediate results i see a bit too much quit, or fatigue, or something. Whatever it is, in that video, I dont like it.

    Again, I am not saying he isnt a good player, just that 1 game is horrid. If I am a NFL GM, I am putting that tape and asking a few questions of this kid. Because there are moments in that video where he looks like a day 3 pick.

    *edit* oh and Ty for the vid. that was 1 i had not seen. Appreciate it. Now I must go make out my will so that my wife is protected when NYC comes in here and E-murders me
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