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Thread: Chase Blackburn

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    Chase Blackburn

    anybody else think this defense would have been a bit better with him around all year? they have been doing really well ever since he came along.

    he's probably not as skilled as our rookie linebackers who've been getting a lot of the snaps, but he's a really smart player. he's ALWAYS around the ball. too bad he's slow he woulda had himself a TD yesterday.

    i think if they had chase all year some of the big miscues might not have happened this year. chase seems to understand this defense as well as anyone. didnt miss a beat when he came back. i dont know why they didnt look to bring him back earlier for insurance and ST.

    kinda leaves me wondering why he wasnt on the giants or any other team for like the first 14 weeks of the year? his asking price cant be that high and he's always been a valuable special teamer. chase has definitely been a key pickup and a big piece in the defensive turnaround.

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    Re: Chase Blackburn

    Guy has tons of heart. He needs to be back here next season. He's not speedy like you said, but he seems to have an eye for the ball. I also agree he's aexcellant special teamer. Nothing wrong with bringing him back as a situational/backup lbnext season. He's earned/proved at least that.

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    Re: Chase Blackburn

    Chase (but not too fast) Blackburn

    Enough of this "Tebow guaranteed a spot next season" talk. Why aren't they talking about CHASE?!

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    Re: Chase Blackburn

    I was just about to start the same thread. Maybe they didn't bring him back because of salary cap issues? Even so, the FO was wrong for not bringing him back earlier in the season.

    Question: If they don't draft a MLB in '12, does Blackburn come back next year and at least COMPETE with Goff for the starting position?

    And it is not a stretch to say that the turnaround started with Chase. Yes, Boley being healthy and Tuck and Osi too, but Chase has meant a lot.

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    Re: Chase Blackburn

    i think chase is a solid Mike backer give him a full offseason the coaches confidence that he can get the job done some OTA to get in full sync with the reset of the defense and i think we have our Mike no need to get sexy like reese would say. i am excited to see how the LB position plays out in the Off season with draft and FA

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    Re: Chase Blackburn

    my only guess to why he wasn't back is because maybe his veteran salary was more than that of the rookie LBs and cap space was just too tight. im just shocked no other team picked him up if only for his solid ST play.

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    Re: Chase Blackburn

    I was glad we brought him back, never understood the reason for letting him go. I guess he was just the odd man out at the linebacker position.

    We all knew he was a good special teams player, but what I like most about Chase is he can play every position at linebacker (Mike,Sam,Will)

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    Re: Chase Blackburn

    Chase Blackburn is our Rudy.

    If I was Reese, I'd find a way to keep this guy this time.
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    Re: Chase Blackburn

    Chase puts in work...i like this kid.....stay blue

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    Re: Chase Blackburn

    I love Chase, but at the beginning of the season, we had Kiwanuka, Goff, Boley, Williams, Jones, Herzlich, and Paysinger as LBs. Which one of them would you leave off the roster?

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