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    Rams, Cardinals, Seahawks

    Look I believe that the 49ers are a good team, but this team is very very far from great.

    They are 13-3 but this is a very very poor look at what this team is considering 6 of their games are played against the teams I listed in the title.

    Yes they beat the Saints (dome team on grass), yes they beat us.

    But this is also the same team that lost to the Cowboys, and were losing by 21 points to the eagles before the egirls blew it.

    This team can be beaten.


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    Re: Rams, Cardinals, Seahawks

    We had the ball inside their 10 with a chance to Tie with a TD, We get a healthy OSI back and a much more focused hungry defense.. I like our chances.

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    Re: Rams, Cardinals, Seahawks

    You say this, but don't forget that the Giants lost to the Seahawks and even the Redskins (who are supposed to be the cream puffs in our division) twice. Not to mention that we lost to the Eagles WITHOUT Michael Vick.

    This team isn't a juggernaut of a 13-3 team, but they're very good.

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    Re: Rams, Cardinals, Seahawks

    They can be beat but lets not take this game for granted.

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    Re: Rams, Cardinals, Seahawks

    I get what your saying, but they don't control their scheduled and a 13-3 record is nothing to question no matter who they play. They were in every game that they lost, when they played the ravens Frank Gore was banged up.

    By beating the saints they showed they deserved to be there and I give a lot of credit to there offense because thats how they won in the end.

    That being said the saints did turn the ball over 5 times and were in a hole early so we need a large emphasis on protecting the football.

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