[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="Spizi"][quote user="myles2424"][quote user="Spizi"]Cut/Let Walk
- MacKenzie, Diehl, Manningham, Jacobs, Ross, and Grant

- TT, Goff, Blackburn, Weatherford, Carr

- Carl Nicks, Demetrius Bell, Curtis Lofton

Rd 1- Dwayne Allen TE, Clemson - read my whole thread about him and TE's in today's NFL

Rd 2- David Wilson RB, VT - great speed, balance, and break tackle ability. Jacobs is gone and Bradshaw is playing with something broken every game.

Rd 3- Cliff Harris CB, Oregon - ballhawk and has good return skills[/quote] why would you want to let manningham walk? We don't exactly have a legit 3rd WR threat....
Jacobs considering he takes a pay cut needs to come back, our RB of the future needs to be drafted & meanwhile replace Danny ware....I'd much rather a dress that In the 3rd (Doug Martin) & go defense 1st & 2nd.....
& Ross, we saw how important CB depth is, I don't see us letting him go, unless of course he gets better $$ elsewhere

FA-Oline,safety depth,TE

Draft-LB,DT,interior Oline,WR depth[/quote]

I would love to keep manningham but idt we can afford him.[/quote] I'm with you.. U can't afford to pay mario num 1 WR doe when hes your teams num 3 wr.. Thats why we drafted Jerrell Jerrnigan and we still have Barden and we can use a pick in the draft or pick up a cheaper option in FA'cy but i just don't see mario coming back.. I think Jerrnigan will be ready next yr to help out

Yeah, Mario's probably going to Denver/St. Louis/Chicago... any of those places he is instantly the no.1 receiver. much like '09, the G-men have absolutely no need to go splurge on a FA wideout.

They've got JJ12, Barden, and Devon Thomas sitting right there, and if the past couple years have proven anything, its that not only can JR identify WR talent, but TC and Eli can develop the hell out of it.

I also don't see them bringing in an expensive free agent OL, either. I think that given the way Boothe and Petrus have performed, one of them (preferably Petrus) is the starting LG next year, Beatty (who, by the by, has been killing it in the weight room, per a teammate's twitter) will be the LT. The only question to me is RT, and I think Brewer will be ready. So, I think Reese keeps backfilling the depth chart with high round talent that falls to the mid-round because teams choose to take sexier position (same as he did with Beatty, Petrus, Brewer...)