Hello all,
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I just wanted to give y'all a heads up about what to expect at Candlestick should you arrive wearing your NYG gear. First off, I fully expected to be shouted at, smack-talked to, harassed, and even pelted with a peanut or two. It's a playoff game and I was in hostile territory representing the opposing team; I get it.

However, there was hate behind the fans' actions. They wanted to fight. There was no line they wouldn't cross. There is a huge presence of gangster thugs. I spoke to several women who were groped and fondled while standing in line for refreshments. Here is a brief grocery list of things that my group of 5 experienced:

-Stepping off the bus, we were surrounded by 7-10 SF fans who got within 1'' of our faces, yelling like they were drill sergeants. Saying things like "Suck my ****" to my 57 year old mother as well as my girlfriend.
-Slapped on the side of the head from behind prior to entering the stadium. An usher saw this and laughed, saying we might want to leave before we get stabbed
-My mother had a beer poured on her head from behind while in our seats.
-I was shoved INTO a urinal from behind while relieving myself at halftime
-Girlfriend was groped several times while in line for refreshments
-Thug took out his genitals and waved them at my mother after the game.
-Asked 2 cops for any help they could provide getting us to our bus, as were were threatened by a group of fans saying they were going to jump us - they told us that we were on our own and recommended running.
***edit by author*** The cops were watching the final winning drive at the time on the TV's. We were at the gate, wanting to be the 1st ones out. They were pre-occupied by the intense action going on. One officer said "**** you on your own, final drive. Start runnin if you win"

There was minimal usher/security presence within the seating area of the stadium, so do not expect to have any security watching your area. Ushers that we did see were mostly female, who wouldn't be able to stop any physical altercation should it have ensued.

I would STRONGLY advise against walking into the tailgating area. This is where it was the most hostile. I was shoved and slapped several times here. Retaliating was out of the question (I am 6' 2'', 215 lbs), as there were huge groups looking for fights.

Good luck, keep your heads down, and if you are there with your girl or mother, STAY NEXT TO THEM AT ALL TIMES. Do not let them go to the bathroom or concession stands alone. These classless thugs are just that - classless.

Good luck, and GO NYG!

A picture I took after stepping off the bus: