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Thread: My experience at Candlestick as a Saints fan

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    Re: My experience at Candlestick as a Saints fan

    NOLAfan..thank you. I think it would be crazy for you to come here and make up a story like that. More so after what happened there during the OAK-SF preseason game. I was actually thinking of cashing in some freq flier miles and taking my 8 year old son.

    Thanks again..

    PS..I would also send the same letter to the NFL and SF 49ers if you havent already.

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    Re: My experience at Candlestick as a Saints fan

    [quote user="NOLAfan"][quote user="GameTime"]

    [quote user="NOLAfan"]Hello all,
    I'm not sure if this is the section to be posting this, so mods, feel free to move/delete this thread if it's in the wrong spot.

    I just wanted to give y'all a heads up about what to expect at Candlestick should you arrive wearing your NYG gear.* First off, I fully expected to be shouted at, smack-talked to, harassed, and even pelted with a peanut or two.* It's a playoff game and I was in hostile territory representing the opposing team;* I get it.*

    However, there was hate behind the fans' actions.* They wanted to fight.* There was no line they wouldn't cross.* There is a huge presence of gangster thugs.* I spoke to several women who were groped and fondled while standing in line for refreshments.* Here is a brief grocery list of things that my group of 5 experienced:

    -Stepping off the bus, we were surrounded by 7-10 SF fans who got within 1'' of our faces, yelling like they were drill sergeants.* Saying things like "Suck my ****" to my 57 year old mother as well as my girlfriend.*
    -Slapped on the side of the head from behind prior to entering the stadium.* An usher saw this and laughed, saying we might want to leave before we get stabbed
    -My mother had a beer poured on her head from behind while in our seats.
    -I was shoved INTO a urinal from behind while relieving myself at halftime
    -Girlfriend was groped several times while in line for refreshments
    -Thug took out his genitals and waved them at my mother after the game.
    -Asked 2 cops for any help they could provide getting us to our bus, as were were threatened by a group of fans saying they were going to jump us - they told us that we were on our own and recommended running.

    There was minimal usher/security presence within the seating area of the stadium, so do not expect to have any security watching your area.* Ushers that we did see were mostly female, who wouldn't be able to stop any physical altercation should it have ensued.*

    I would STRONGLY advise against walking into the tailgating area.* This is where it was the most hostile.* I was shoved and slapped several times here.* Retaliating was out of the question (I am 6' 2'', 215 lbs), as there were huge groups looking for fights.

    Good luck, keep your heads down, and if you are there with your girl or mother, STAY NEXT TO THEM AT ALL TIMES. * Do not let them go to the bathroom or concession stands alone.* These classless thugs are just that - classless.*

    Good luck, and GO NYG!

    SF's finest:


    and we should believe you why????


    I suppose you don't have to believe me.* Honestly, I have a lot better things to do (like earning money to replenish the coffers after that expensive weekend, haha), however this is something that I feel people should be aware of because it concerns safety.*

    I would hate to see harm come to anyone because they weren't aware of just how bad it is.* If I can give someone the heads up, and if it can maybe have an effect that prevents harm coming to them, then it's worth it.*

    Thank you all for your kind words and condolences - It's good to know that this behavior is looked down upon on the whole.* It was my first game away from the dome, so it was a little shocking to say the least.*

    I am now an anti 49er fan - for more than just sports reasons.* It's personal now!!*

    GO NYG!!!*

    I beieve you my friend. What would really motivate someone like yourself to write this besides to share your horrible exeperience?

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    Re: My experience at Candlestick as a Saints fan

    Aren't they canceling the yearly Raiders vs. San Fran preseason game because of violence? This doesn't shock me, and it's sad that it doesn't.

    OP should file a complaint if true.

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    Re: My experience at Candlestick as a Saints fan

    Not suprised. You can see it here, fans come here talk smack yet lock their boards. People get shot stabbed at their games hell you can't even take your kids to baseball games either!! Trash only second to the Eagles.

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    Re: My experience at Candlestick as a Saints fan

    [quote user="GIANTSACK"][quote user="GMENAGAIN"]This sound suspiciously like a 49er fan trying to discourage Giants fans from going to the game.[/quote]

    I doubt this would happen.. Think about what has happen in past football.. They have security everywhere and to say that a cop tells u to run if u ask for help is soo BS. I went to eagles, dallas in their home this year and i never felt threaten... The guy a total fraud and a horrible liar..

    I call this post BS.
    Been to many away games and your going to get heckle maybe stuff thrown at but you would never be denied help if you feel threaten. They text number for alll stadium if u need security.. This guys never been to a real footballl[/quote]

    The cops didn't help because the 9ers were about to begin their game winning drive and they were watching it on the TV. We wanted to be at the exit when the game ended to avoid confrontation.

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    Re: My experience at Candlestick as a Saints fan

    my dude MJG has been to more than a few Niners games including the Wk 10 one.

    perhaps he has additional insight?

    anyway the Giants were 9-7.

    who thought they'd go beyond the Wild card round anyway?

    at this point everything is icing on a cake...house money.

    All In

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    Re: My experience at Candlestick as a Saints fan

    and I thought San Francisco was the 'nice' part of California. This makes me not want to go to any away games lol.

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    Re: My experience at Candlestick as a Saints fan

    Sounds like you had a terrible experience, sorry to hear that. Nevertheless, this is not unique to the 49er fan base, unfortunately. All teams have some fans that act like complete and total morons, NYG included.
    I bELIeve in February 4, 2018.

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    Re: My experience at Candlestick as a Saints fan

    Sorry to hear about you terrible experience but honestly I was at the game also (giants fan living in sf) and tailgated and I didn't see any of that. Just some good natured taunting...even saw some saints fans get invited over for some shots.
    Must have been a bad bunch of people you ran into unfortunately. I've been to candlestick a bunch of times and to me it has been no worse and probably better than most stadiums for visiting fans.
    Now Oakland...that's a whole different story...

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    Re: My experience at Candlestick as a Saints fan

    Doesnt surprise me one bit man. Their fans are garbage. The brian stow incident happened at dodger stadium but he is a sf giant fan. But yes the security there is the worse ive ever seen and their all old men and women. I went week 2 for the cowboys game didnt face too many priblems but we also took over their stadium. Ive heard plenty of stories though from candlestick and att park. My sister in law had her seat stolen one time by a drunk sf giants fan refused to give it back and security wouldnt do anything. She couldnt get her seat back until the drunk idiot threw up in her seat and decided to leave.
    Sorry to hear about what happened that should never happen. I just ask for giants fans goin to the game to be careful make sure you have a good exit being that stadium is so old and the walkways are so small its hard to get out. Even though there were so many of us cowboys fans there i still kept my head on a swivel.

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