[quote user="theyregood"][quote user="ShakeNBake"][quote user="theyregood"]Why do people put themselves in these type of situations when you can watch at home in big screen HDTV?

you can invite friends and have a big party without having to go through things like this.

Why ? why?

What is the purpose of going into someones stadium where you end up getting abused?

Why not stay at home, invite friends, bbq, and enjoy it in your big screen HDTV?


Why people waste their time witch such ******edness??[/quote]

Because normal people go to sporting events to enjoy the entertainment not to fight. I wouldn't expect someone like you to grasp that concept though.

You get the same entertainment in a HD screen and MORE. and you get to go to the bathroom easier, plus you dont have someone cussing you out.


Says who? Some idiot whos opinion doesn't matter?