49ers fan here. Not looking to troll or instigate, just looking for friendly discussion about the upcoming NFCC.

I was a little surprised seeing how handily you guys took it to the Packers this weekend, it was really impressive. And I don't think I've ever been so upset about a call in a non-niner game before. That Jennings fumble was 100% a fumble no matter what any ref says, that cal was BS. The Giants were clearly more prepared team that afternoon and were able to overcome those crappy calls.

People keep saying the 49ers will most likely struggle with the vaunted Giants d-line, I don't think so. That isn't arrogance, I just feel the 49ers' o-line does well against non blitzing teams that only rush 4. even really really good d-lines, blitzing teams give us fits though. I am far more afraid of the beast that is the Giants receiving core with Nicks and Cruz and a bit of a Manningham. The 49ers have been susceptible to the big play, and as good as Rogers has been at CB for us, Brown isn't that good, and our safeties can be beat deep. Nicks and Cruz could have big days.

At any rate, I must confess, I personally wanted to play the Packers. I love an underdog and martyr story, and I wanted to shut up all the disrespecting critics. I'm sure some of you can relate. The more I thought about it however, the more I like this matchup. I like the 49ers at home, and (after watching the Pack against you guys) I feel a SF/NYG championship will be called much fairer than a SF/GB championship. Hopefully we get refereeing like the 49ers/Saints game got. IDK how many of you guys watched, but the refs really let the players play. Outside of one BS PI call against SF on the first drive there were 2 penalties the rest of the way. They could have called holding a ton of times against NO too, but they let the SF corners bump a little bit past 5 yards as well. No interference while the ball was in the air, but I would say that "5 yard rule" extended to about 10-12 that day, lol.

Anyways, here's to a good game. These two teams have a great history together in the playoffs. The '03 comeback and the Craig fumble (for which some 49er fans have still not forgiven Craig for btw. They blame him for no 3-peat) come to mind. Lets hope Sunday's game is just as exciting as the games in the past have been and as thrilling as last weekend's game.

Go 49ers!!