[quote user="RugDaniels"]I agree a lot of the 49ers hate/envy is gone. Even that terrible 2002 game is fading away. That's why Sunday's game is awesome, a rivalry is being renewed.

I'm sure there are NFL fans out there who wanted to see a Packer / Saints shootout, I'll take the slugfest this game is looking like its going to be any day.[/quote]

Especially since our two teams are in it right?

The big factor in this game that few are talking about is Eli in the pocket. I've seen the stats, Eli is fantastic (as are his WRs) at the deep ball. But will he have enough time? One reason why I think SF's oline won't struggle nearly as much as people think they will is because the 49ers don't throw up the deep ball very often. (Also, on a side note, I'm not afraid of NYG's LBs, I dont even know who they are. If the 49ers can block down the NYG line, and get Gore/Hunter to those LBs, good things will happen.) The other, like I have mentioned, is that they do really well against teams that only rush their 4-down linemen. SF will not need the kind of time NYG will from their oline.

But anyways, back to Eli. He shouldn't have the kind of time GB gave him. The Smith Bros. and McDonald and Brooks are very good rushers. They won't allow Eli the kind of time to throw the long patterns. If I was NYG, I would throw quick patterns to slow the rush of the 49ers (who btw were like the 2nd least blitzing team in the league). Like I said, the 49ers CBs are extremely beatable. Brown is not that talented and Culliver is a rookie who plays nickel (which NYG figures to be in a lot). If NYG can continue the big plays they've been getting from Nicks this post-season and from Cruz all year long, they've got the game won IMO.

Like I said, looking forward to the game (Sunday can't come soon enough!!) and may the best team win. No BS from the Refs or anything.