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Call me crazy but i would like to address WR, and RB as nicks is great he's slightly injury prone imho although his injuries don't keep him out long its the fact that their lingering that bothers me and with the way eli has elevated his game why not give him more weapons and competetition for the other Wide outs to improve.

And RB cause lets be honest bradshaw is a beast but his run still is damaging to his feet and how long is he going to last running the way he is, Jacobs is great when the line is available to block im not sold on ware yet. we need an every down back i wish we were in position to get richardson but i know hes like a top 10 talent and we wont be picking anywhere near top 10

[/quote]Assuming we addres our LB problem I'm %100 with you....nowadays you got to have at least 4 good WRs...nicks is injury prone,H.A.M can be very inconsistent & what if we found ourselves losing him unexpected like boss??....Cruz has been great,but I think we'd all agree it'll take another season t be %100 sold, around the league every year we see guys put up monster years and then disappear.....the fact that Jernigan hasn't seen the field isn't promising,Barden I'm not sold on.......
RB, Bradshaw & Jacobs are hurt every year, and Jacobs replacement needs to be thought of now, he's going to be 30 & making alot of $$$