[quote user="Sundown"]These 9ers fans are really unoriginal w their screen names and rant.[/quote]


Seriously, I've never understood someone's need to say "Lets talk rationally!!" And then go on to trash the other team. If you're gonna troll, troll hard my friend.

On a serious note, I already stated in my thread, that the 49ers o-line vs. the Giants d-line doesn't scare me, not really. The 49ers handle 4 man rushes very well usually, even very good ones. The Giants WRs however are another story. The SF safeties have been good, but they give up big plays. And Rogers is a very good corner who has been ballin out all year, but our other two corners (Brown and Culliver) are suspect. I predict each of them giving up at least one big play.