I apologize for some fans that may have been a bit over the top. Hopefully they have been banned. Anyway, congrats on making to the NFC Championship game.

I am feeling very good about this game. I really like the matchups and intangibles. Special teams is going to be huge in this game and the 49ers have a big advantage in that department.

The defensive line, especially Justin Smith are playing great right now. Eli most likely will not be graced with anywhere near the time he had against the Packers. The run defense has been spectacular all year long so I do not see Jacobs or Bradshaw being a factor. That will leave it up to Eil vs the 49ers top rated defense. Gotta give it to the 49ers. I mean, is Eli really going to have a third miracle throw that sticks to a helmet? I have seen luck before but le'ts get real. Eli pulls these throws out of his ***...

Sorry Giants fans...The 49ers have made up their mind that they are going to win the SB this year and there is nothing the Giants can do it about it.