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[quote user="bklyn1028"][quote user="BurnerNYG"][quote user="MikeIsaGiant"][quote user="RagTime Blue"][quote user="MikeIsaGiant"]Yeah, I didn't really understand the two zombies on her sides that much besides it being accessories. But I even find that silly....[/quote]

nhSomeone said it's to hide her scent from other walkers.*

I still want to know how they don't attack her.* Even with no arms, they're capable of biting her.* But I'm sure it's explained next season.*

My fave show!!
[/quote] Good point; I was thinking about that but then wondered the same question you were just asking. They were chains right? How is it possible that they didn't get to her.. LOL[/quote]From my understanding, she cut their jaws off. I also read somewhere that the 2 zombies are her boyfriend and his friend. Like you guys said though... they still got legs so why don't they constantly try to attack her? Who knows but I'm definitely excited for season 3.[/quote] Maybe they'll gum her to death...lol I liked the ending, but Lori turned into a *****, pissed me off. When Rick told her he wacked Shane, she was pissed. I guess Shane had the bigger...........rifle. Anyway she aggravated me, threw my whole concept of her off. I hope she gets wacked next season. I mean she tells Rick to be careful, Shane is losing his mind and then she turns on her husband. And Rick....seems Shane's spirt possessed him at the end. Great show![/quote] Nah,* I thought the same thing, but when i watched the show again, she got peeved off at Rick when he told her that CARL put Shane down...* I was thinking she was a tool for telling rick that shane was loosing his mind and* then when Rick tells her that he killed shane, she gets all p-issy, but it was right when he told her that CARL put down Shane, that she got real pi-ssy..</p>

*The thing i really loved was how HERSCHEL becomes more and more like his charechter in the comics, which is a hard nosed, kick zombie rear, and not fear death at all, dude...* We actually watched his charechter materialize into that from a nieve,* living in the old world, dude... </p>

I also loved how RICK finally laid down the law at the end of the show to all the idiots of the camp who kept on not realizing how good rick was doing for the group, and that its basically impossible to perdict what or when walkers are gonna attack, but hes done as good as he can, which is there best option...** I also loved how* Daryl and Herschel both had his back.. I really can't stand that scum bag Carol..* Ricks done more for her and her family then anyone, and she has the balls to continue to treat Rick like she does and challenge his authority and think others could do better?** I love how Daryl didn't give into her, and basically told her to shut up...lol</p>[/quote]Herschel is a GREAT character, I havent read the comics but Im a huge fan of how he's evolved so far and the direction he's heading

Daryl is still the best character on the show

I really hope Laurie gets killed, she's such a beach, LOL.* She's horribly selfish and does nothing but cause problems
[/quote]+1 I'm on #TEAMDARYL too.