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Yeah but what if they gotta run? Herschel's *** is grass lol. What blew me away was the walkers in riot gear. They didn't show too much of that in the commercial. That show last night is what I expect from the show. Season 2 was good but it had too much talking. This season should be better because you got 2 different stories that's gonna eventually collide.
Yeah it seems like Herschel is going to go soon. Maybe not the next episode, but the next one or two. I agree with Season 2 being lotsa talk and arguing and not a lot of action since they were on an isolated farm, but the ending was epic. I think they were really focusing on developing the relationships between the characters, and showing the downward spiral of Shane.

I have a feeling this season could potentially be better than 2.

That chick Michonne is awesome, and I cannot wait for her storyline to develop more.