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The mid-season finale was spectacular but all I could think from watching this whole season is how much I hate Andrea now. Rushes way too quickly into a romantic situation with a guy (you barely even knew the Governor and you were already dropping the panties and no need to bring up Shane) but then she alienated people like Dale who showed legit concern for her mental health. Oh and then she always has to mention about how she has experience in something or is a good shot every episode. Of course, she just abandons the one woman who saved her skin in Michonne at the drop of a hat to be the Governor's new girlfriend. If the intention is to hate her, the writers are doing a good job lol.
Right, what a gullible broad she is. She's a perfect example of what you would call a smart/dumb person. I can't say I hate her but she's definitely not one of my favorites after these last few episodes. February's gonna take forever to get here.