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    Re: The Walking Dead

    [quote user="Itlan"]This show is terrible lol. The comic wipes the floor with it.[/quote]That's usually the case with lots of book and movies. The former is usually better because there's more creative freedom and you aren't targeting as many demographics. When they try to make a movie out of it, they'll change things up to get more people to watch at the sacrifice of the story's true plot.

    Jurassic Park would be a good example.

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    I'm having serious Walking Dead withdrawls knowing the season ended. Guess I should start reading the comics

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    Do we know when the next season premiers?

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    [quote user="Bohemian"]Do we know when the next season premiers?
    Sometime in Oct. The best is yet to come with Michonne and the prison.

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    [quote user="VegasGmen"][quote user="Bohemian"]Do we know when the next season premiers?
    Sometime in Oct. The best is yet to come with Michonne and the prison.[/quote]

    I am a complete rookie when it comes to the comic book, and even the genre, so this past season has been quite a ride. I am still debating whether I want to spend the time going back to the first two seasons.

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    I am going through some serious Walking Dead withdrawal after the first week of no shows.....

    Thank the lord Game of Thrones starts on Sunday.

    Let's put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for dinner

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    [quote user="bLuereverie"]
    Zombie Sophia kinda shocked us all.

    Umm... I think the term is spoiler alert! So you know stop reading if you don't like spoilers lol.

    Yeah that surprised me, because in the comics Sophia is one of the few people still alive from the original "core" group of Atlanta survivors. I personally thought that Sophia would be gone until season 3 and show up in Woodbury or something. That way it would hide what the Governor really is, if they Atlanta survivors think they actually saved her. IDK sounded good in my mind at the time before she came out as a zombie lol.

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    Currently reading Walking Dead, The Rise of the Governor. Great book to get a backround on how the Governor became the demented tyrant he is. Very quick read and it is quenching mythirst for more zombie ****! Next will be the comics.

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    Of course you all know who Rick Grimes' father-in-law is don't you?

    “One player can’t control the outcome of a whole season or a certain game.” - Eli Manning

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    Re: The Walking Dead

    Bump so we don't lose it.

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