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    an added bonus to still be playing BESIDES winning it all...

    we'll be drafting near the bottom of the round. normally thats a bad thing, but with how ilb, rb's, and te's usually are taking after the 1rst or late 1rst, we have a great shot of getting a BPA who actually fits a need we have, which is kinda rare for Reese. last time thats happened was nicks...

    so far, alot of mocks have us taken Burfect but we could also trade back, get an extra 2nd, and really beef up our team.

    also keep in mind we lost a couple draft picks really early so this next year we'll basically have two draft classes added to our team.

    technically this was kind of a rebuilding year atleast to the talking heads. we lost 3 or 4 starters to other teams and lost another few to IR. next year we are gonna be STACKED and YOUNG!

    the issue with the 07 team was we were so old all over it would be hard to sustain a dynasty...now with eli some other vets and a great young mix of talent...i honestly think we're gonna be in dynasty mode the next 4 or 5 years.

    oh, and a lot of mocks have the eagles taking that BC LB Kuchely i think and good I'd welcome it. A lot of the draft analysts worth a salt have all questioned his athleticism and whether he has the talent to be a game changer...im fine with philly wasting another 1rst round pick on a role player.

    burfects athleticism, talent, hitting ability>Kuchely college stats and technique (which can be coached)
    u cant coach speed or talent

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    Re: an added bonus to still be playing BESIDES winning it all...

    Picking last is not a bonus. It is a detriment.

    However, it is soooo worth it.
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    Re: an added bonus to still be playing BESIDES winning it all...

    Last time we picked last we managed to get Phillips, T2, Rio and Goff. I'll take another haul like that any day.
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