[quote user="Sundown"][quote user="Ntegrase96"][quote user="GiantWarfare"]Irvin is an all-time great. A hell of a player, a Cowboy legend but one thing's for sure...the next 88 isn't even a Cowboy.

Hakeem the Dream will soon make believers out of the naysayers and will open the eyes of those who still don't know.

End of story.

Nicks is very good. Comparing he and Bryant may not last too much longer. Nicks is fielding what I think is close to his ceiling for potential, whereas Bryant is nowhere near it.

There are indications that Dez doesn't know the playbook. Bryant's football IQ and injuries may keep him from reaching full potential. He's good enough to get by on skill alone but he could be so much better.

Your really think Nicks is getting close to his ceiling!? Nicks had almost a 1000yd season his rookie year and thats missing games. It takes 3rd year W/O to get that achievement. He's starting his 3rd year and he's 7th in the league in yds. I don't think he's close to his potential yet.

Dez has the talent in the world but i don't think he'll ever maximize it. He's too boneheaded and a result he'll never reach his ceiling. Nicks will have a better career than Dez[/quote]

Nicks will have a better career than Dez also because he has an ELIte Quarterback whereas Dez has a choke artist as a QB lol...

(partial sarcasm)