[quote user="Ntegrase96"][quote user="cowboysblow"][quote user="~MOJORISIN~"][quote user="cowboysblow"]This whole concept of "you didn't beat us, we beat ourselves" is such non-sense. Really any time ANY team loses a close game, they can say that. If you're a good enough team to be competitive, and not get blown out often, then this league is going to give you ample opportunity to "beat yourself" in the sense that your games are going to come down to executing in crunch-time, on particular plays, and on particular drives. Good teams DON'T beat themselves in those spots on a regular basis. Mediocre teams find ways, and are left complaining that they "beat themselves" when in fact, the other team executed when it mattered and you didn't. In other words, YOU WERE BEATEN.[/quote]So he's calling out his whole team by saying they beat themselves-1st the defense,as I coach my pop warner team I "preach"to my boys If we score-we might win...if they don't score we can't lose!Offensively-he is implying RHomo just can't get it done in clutch situations-unlike Eli.[/quote]

Right, essentially he is calling out his team, but that's not really the vibe I get from his comments. The vibe I get is "these others teams didn't really deserve to beat us. We're better than them." Maybe I'm just sensitive to it because I detest that team, and I've been hearing that crap from Cowboy FANS for years now. No one ever beats them, they beat themselves. Well for a team that never gets legitimately "beaten", they've sure managed to accomplish a whole lot of nothing since Romo came on board.[/quote]

To be fair, outside of the Pats game, can you really disagree? Turnovers late in games allowed the Jets to get back in it, and the same story goes with the Lions game. Up 27-3 in the 3rd, we're throwing out passes in our own redzone. We shot ourselves in the foot quite a bit. Give credit to the Jets and Lions, but no way do either of those teams come out with a W if we play smarter football.

Agreed. But the old cliche that the other team gets paid applies here as well.

It's not like the Cowboys could unilaterally decide to win the game or not. The other team makes plays too.

That said, I agree the Cowboys played a big role in those losses. And given how tight the NFC East is, I'm sure they wish they could have those games back.

Then again every team can say that. Just ask the Giants about the Seattle game....