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Dallas Cowboys' December demons are back - ESPN Dallas es.pn/t9Vxpy
12 Dec via web

This team can only blame itself. It's too easy to say the Cowboys choked, because it implies they couldn't handle the pressure of holding a fourth-quarter lead against the Giants.

That's not what happened.

The Cowboys gave this one away. That's right, they gift-wrapped it and handed it over to the loudmouths from New York with a series of dumb mistakes and mind-numbing plays that gave the Giants no choice but to win the game.

Yep, this team and their mediatic press are full of it. Overrated and of course always excusing themselves of years and years of failure.
Loudmouths ???? LMAO ! Priceless !!!![/quote]


they handed our offense 37 points and eli 400 yards


The only thing that got handed here was their butts to themselves. You got beat , plain and simple, move on , no excuses.