To make this a Giants related thread. I want to know what would Parcells do? What would Coughlin do? And what would you do?

I am stuch between a rock and a hard place. I am a player/manager of an intramural softball team. We are ranked number 1 going into the playoffs. Now we obviously have a good team, but there is one player that is not good at all. He has 1 hit, 5 strike outs, and 2 walksin the last two games. On top of that he can't catch AT ALL. Anyway. He has shown up to every game since the beginning (was actually the first player there each time). But now we are in the playoffs and I have an extra player. Do I go with this kid and hope we win with him, or do I go with the better player even though he has not shown up as much (mostly at the beginning of the season), or do I wimp out and bench myself?