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Thread: vernon davis= megatron?

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    Re: vernon davis= megatron?

    Davis is a great TE and has exceptional speed for the position. Let's not get carried away though, he is not Calvin Johnson. He's into curling though, which is awesome.

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    Re: vernon davis= megatron?

    [quote user="freeoscar"]never have 5 good minutes against the 29th ranked pass defense been so blown out of proportion[/quote]


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    Re: vernon davis= megatron?

    when you blitz constantly and leave some loser safety or LBer one-on-one with Davis, OF COURSE you're gonna get torched.</P>

    when we drop 7 and still get pressure, let's see how Alex Smith Vernon Davis does then.</P>

    I watched Aaron Rodgers, whose 20 times the QB Alex Smith is, look for passing lanes and windows and couldn't find many.</P>

    Looking forward to seeing what Fewell dials up this week.</P>

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    Re: vernon davis= megatron?

    Vernon Davis will be a decoy this sunday.

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    Re: vernon davis= megatron?

    No. Megatron is a freak athlete who can make catches in double/triple coverage.

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