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Thread: what Free Agents interest you?

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    what Free Agents interest you?

    Tired to look at all the FA from every team and how they would fit - i didnt put Ray Rice, Drew Brees, etc bc they are obviously not going anywhere - just the ones i think NY can bring in depending on who they resign themselves
    CB - Cortland Finnegan
    CB - Richard Marshal - ARI
    CB - Brett Grimes - ATL
    CB - Tracy Porter - NO
    CB - William Gay - PIT
    CB - Justin King - STL
    G - Duece Lutui - ARI
    G - Mike Brisiel - HOU
    DT - Trevor Laws - PHI
    G - Carl Knicks - NO
    G/C - Dan Connolly - NE
    K - Matt Prater - DEN
    LB - Dan Conner - CAR
    LB - Joe Mays - DEN
    LB - Barrett Ruud - TB
    LB - EJ Henderson - MIN
    LB - Ahmad Brooks - SF
    RB - Michael Bush - OAK
    RB - Peyton Hillis - CLE
    RB - BenJarvis Green-Ellis - NE
    RB - Michael Tolbert - SD
    S - Sean Jones - TB
    T - Jeff Backus - DET
    TE - Fred Davis - WAS
    TE - John Carlson - SEA
    TE - Scott Chandler - BUF
    TE - Jamichael Finley - GB
    TE - Joel Dressen - HOU
    WR/ST - Eddie Royal - DEN
    WR - Chaz Schilens - OAK
    WR/ST - DeSean Jackson - PHI
    WR - Steve Smith - PHI

    My biggest wishes are
    a TE and a RB then our other needs can be dealt with via the draft

    Ideal and hopefully realistic:

    Michael Bush to replace BJ (secondary Hillis/Tolbert)
    Joel Dressen added at TE
    Pick up LB Ahmad Brooks or Dan Connor to compete with our young Corp of LBs

    Then draft T/G/LB early in the draft

    your ideal situations?

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    Re: what Free Agents interest you?

    Peyton Hillis, Brett Grimes, EJ Henderson, Ahmad Brooks

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    Re: what Free Agents interest you?

    Can the Super Bowl trophy be considered a free agent? []

    Giants fan since the early 80s

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    Re: what Free Agents interest you?

    Nicks and a cheap Hillis and S. Smith, but that is just from your list.

    You leave off many solid players that I'd love to have on our team, and would be relatively cheap.
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    Re: what Free Agents interest you?

    id take finley

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    Re: what Free Agents interest you?

    Stephen Tulloch

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    Re: what Free Agents interest you?

    The FA's who interest me:

    Terrelle Thomas (cb)
    Aaron Ross (cb)
    Jon Goff (lb)
    Mario Manningham (wr)

    If there's anything left after that, I'd make an offer to Finley.

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    Re: what Free Agents interest you?

    Finnegan,carl nicks,brooks,davis

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    Re: what Free Agents interest you?

    I do not want Finnegan for the Giants. I'd take him on the Knicks or Rangers though. They both have services for some attitude.

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    Re: what Free Agents interest you?

    Giants do not make huge waves in the free agent market...so good luck with any of those guys. Giants make their team through the draft. always have.

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