[quote user="REDx85xGOLD"][quote user="Gianthunter"][quote user="REDx85xGOLD"][quote user="Gianthunter"][quote user="REDx85xGOLD"]Spag wont be doing much for the Saints either, watching him call all those vanilla D plays for the Rams was pathetic.* Saints should have gone for Nolan rather than Spags
[/quote]Oh wow that one hurt. The level of noner trolls is dropping fast.[/quote]

Did I make a statement looking to hurt anyone's feelings?* Looks like anything you comment on is nothing relevant.
[/quote]Child Please save the passive-aggressive for the noners board.[/quote]

Thanks for calling me child, by the look of your avatar Ms Geriatric, it may be time to take your ativan for the night.

Well, I'm a Giants fan, and I thought that was funny.