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    NYGFaninILL's big keys to the game.

    Ive calmed down a bit, and here are what I think are the biggest keys to the game.

    1. Score early, and often: One of the biggest reasons the 9rrs beat the saints is because they got up 17-0 early. We need to put pressure on Smith to try and make bigger plays (which isn't likely), and while on O, not let up. Keep the throttle down and keep scoring.

    2. Put the pressure on Smith: Our defense needs to keep the pressure on Alex Smith and rattle him so he plays shaken throughout the game.

    3. HANG ON TO/PROTECT THAT ROCK!!!: The Saints lost because of Turnovers flat out. MM, Nicks, Cruz, BJ and AB need to hang on to that ball for dear life!! And Eli HAS to make good decisions with the ball,

    4. Win in the trenches: The O-Line needs to push and generate the run game, the run is most important factor in this game. BJ has to run with Emotion.

    I think we can win!!!

    I am now ALL IN and I bELIeve!!!!
    They said Brady and the Patriots couldn't be beat, Eli did it twice, how's that for Elite?

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    Re: NYGFaninILL's big keys to the game.


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    Re: NYGFaninILL's big keys to the game.

    I think the biggest key is Eli. He has played well in the clutch every single game this season.

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