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Thread: Our friends the Jets fans

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    Re: Our friends the Jets fans

    They feel the same way as cowboy, falcon and packer fans do. Who the hell cares see you in four years.

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    Re: Our friends the Jets fans

    [quote user="Redeyejedi"]Were the Jerks ok. How about a franchise that has bragged about being the 4th best Franchise in the NFL the 2 years prior. We dont have the coach that layed down the gauntlet in this city.Before I was perfectly fine with any Jets success but since Ryan got here and called out the giants i hope they suffer and never win a thing.[/quote]exactly, not just rex but the players and fans as well. i used to kind of have sympathy for the jets and rooted them on in 09 when they made that run, although i didn't watch the colts game. but after that season the fans, players and rex all got a big head and started talking crap for no reason at all. not just the best team in NY garbage, but just jets fans in general talking so much **** it was ridiculous.

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