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    Re: THANK GOD............

    [quote user="Kase-1"][quote user="jax5338"][quote user="Kase-1"][quote user="JMGGIANTS"]poor guy, at least I have the Rangers, LOL.[/quote]The poor guy is the guy who said at least he has the 'Islanders'

    LOL, now I think we have a stand up comedian in the rooom[/quote]

    hey man, listen were shutting down crosby. only one goal in the first period and it took him 5 whole minutes to score it. WINNING

    Islanders could be winless but no matter what they always play tough against my Rangers, they better not move. I Love that rivalry, the crowds are quite INTENSE[/quote]

    i know how you feel, i live and grew up 5 min from the coliseum. used to work for the isles too up until last season. i thought they were gonna make a run this year at a low playoff seed. they really looked pretty good the second half of last year, but that 20 game winless streak was brutal.

    you wanna talk about an aggravating team? at least the giants make the season interesting, the isles have guys who dont show up for WEEKS at a time. also have a joke of a GM who doesnt ever go after quality free agents, just over the hill role players and dmen like rolston, reasoner, staios, eaton and pandolfo.

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    Re: THANK GOD............

    Thought this could use a bump!!</P>

    LET'S GO ORANGE!!!!!</P>
    I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.

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    Re: THANK GOD............

    Go Knicks !!!

    and Jayhawks, Illini too []

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    Re: THANK GOD............

    [quote user="giantyankee1976"]Go Knicks !!!

    and Jayhawks, Illini too []
    [/quote]I like the Bibby addition, as well as Davis agreeing to sign with the Knicks. It sucks though that he may be out 8 to 10 weeks with his back issue though.

    Maybe we see some better D from the Knicks this year.

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