[quote user="SweetZombieJesus"][quote user="Ricci1331"]It's funny how these giant fans think they are gods gift cause they beat the packers. Packers don't have a defense that is even close to the Niners. Same result as the November game.[/quote]

And you think you're great because you beat a Saints team playing on the road outside a dome, and you needed 2 comebacks to do it...

Yeah, the Giants only beat a 15-1 defending Super Bowl Champion with the 2nd best offense in NFL history at Lambeau field, nothing special about that.

To be honest, I think the 49ers and the Saints (on an even field) are about evenly matched but you have to remember, the Saints were supposedly a better team than either the Giants or the 49ers (according to the East Coast "experts") and they were supposed to win that game by 3.5 points.

If you look at the first 55 minutes of the game, which is a lot more representative of how the teams actually played, the 49ers held the lead and forced five turnovers against a team that has been relatively stingy on turnovers.

The last five minutes of the game were just a fluke, both for the Saints and the 49ers. I would be willing to bet that nine times out of ten, neither team would be able to make two touchdowns in such a short amount of time, but both defenses were tired and both Brees and Smith had luck on their side on the long pass, but Smith came away with a higher passer rating than Drew Brees.

Beating Green Bay was no small accomplishment, but you won because their offense did not bring their a-game that did, your offense did, and Green Bay's defense is terrible.

The Giants are good enough to beat San Francisco in Candlestick, but the only way that is going to happen is if the 49ers start making mistakes like Green Bay and do not play like they have been for the last 17 games.