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    Tynes vs. Akers....

    Good thing this isn't a cage fight.

    I like Tynes, but I said all year, I just don't trust him in a big situation. He can kick some God-awful balls.

    Akers, on the other hand, is almost automatic.

    I hope it doesn't come down to a one-on-one scenerio.

    We'll lose.

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    Re: Tynes vs. Akers....

    Like when he missed that 22 yarder against Atlanta.. smh..

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    Re: Tynes vs. Akers....

    Akers wins this head-to-head.....like you said, hope it doesn't come down to this.

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    Re: Tynes vs. Akers....


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    Re: Tynes vs. Akers....

    It won't come down to FG's. [:P]

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    Re: Tynes vs. Akers....

    [quote user="Manning4MVP"]Like when he missed that 22 yarder against Atlanta.. smh..

    Snap was awful. I was at the game and saw it very clearly. That one is on DeOssie or whoever was snapping FG's that day.

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    Re: Tynes vs. Akers....

    No comparsion. Tynes is lucky he is a Giants otherwise he would have been a journeyman traveling from team to team.
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    Re: Tynes vs. Akers....

    Akers is off the charts right now

    Tynes has taken a step back ... he's back to me having to walk out of the room and peek around the corner when he lines up for a FG

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    Re: Tynes vs. Akers....

    ? i'm never worried with him anymore. anything inside 45 is money. thats all i want from my kicker. anything more is GREAT.

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