[quote user="SiCk_DiAbLo"][quote user="NYSPORTS"][quote user="SiCk_DiAbLo"][quote user="NYSPORTS"]It's easy to come up with, look at Romo's ringless hand.

Thank goodness for that Hershal Walker deal though. If not for that trade, the Cowboys might only have 1 playoff win since 1980.[/quote]

Dude you act if Romo was a number ONE pick..Romo was undrafted...Did you expect more from him?

Considering the team has one playoff win since 1980 without that Hershal Walker deal, I'd say the Cowboys should concern themselves more with their own sad world than Osi who happens to have a ring. A ring which was earned b/c he got his popcorn ready while Dallas folded . . . yet again.[/quote]

Figures you don't wanna answer my question..

Sry, need a hug? Surrounded by 11 Pro-bowlers, I would think Romo could do more that spit the bit in the playoffs. I mean, the Cowboys did resign Romo as I don't believe he is working off his original contract. Is he?

Speaking of undrafted, how is Tom Brady's career compared to Romo?