[quote user="NYSPORTS"][quote user="SiCk_DiAbLo"][quote user="NYSPORTS"][quote user="SiCk_DiAbLo"][quote user="NYG4lifeNYK"]Yes actually he did tackle McCoy clown

One tackle?..You happy with that, after McCoy called him soft?

You do realize how little the Giants are payiing Osi, don't you? They're paying him far less than those Cowboys defenders who got lit up against the Eagles. I would think Romo would put up a better showing.[/quote]

Didn't all Cowboys fans wish that, but it wasn't our day, just like when the Eagles took care of Eli, looked what happened, wasn't there day...But we get another crack at them..

I guess getting another crack at "them" is your Superbowl. Good luck, although I doubt you get a ring for playing Philly in the regular season.

B.T.W. - when you say "we", what position do you play on the Cowboys? I'd love to keep on eye on you the next game. What number are you?[/quote]

Ok whatever dude, try to talk Football and we have jokes...Have a good one..