[quote user="SFranciscan"][quote user="TroyArcher"][quote user="SFranciscan"][quote user="TroyArcher"][quote user="SFranciscan"][quote user="theyregood"][quote user="TroyArcher"][quote user="theyregood"][quote user="pezman1963"]Same thing ya did to Dallas, Atlanta, and Green Bay,........ Shut down the run game then rush the passer till mistakes are made.
Keep in mind GB did not turn it over much either till last week.

But GB beat themselves with dropped passes and allowing Hail Mary TDs, those things dont really happen, just luck.[/quote]

And the Falcon blowout was lucky? Shut their offense out and they have a better QB and offensive weapons than the 49ers. You are a fool.[/quote]

they dont have a running game like the 49ers, and your rushing D is last.[/quote]

Gore got knocked out of the game last time and we did not have a rushing game against New York, so it was pretty much Smith versus Manning and Smith came out on top.*

If you want to take Smith over Eli good luck with that.[/quote]

Are Smith and Eli going to be throwing the ball through a little hoop downfield to see who makes it in the most times?* Because, if they changed the NFL rules for scoring points to making free-throws, then I might be inclined to take Eli.

As for non-fantasy football, I'll take Smith and the 49ers offense against the Giants defense over Eli and the Giants offense over the 49ers defense.*

I guess you have not been watching the Giants defense the past 4 weeks. They have been dominating. Eli is a much better QB that Smith at this time and has a much better chance of winning the game if it comes down to that. Eli has been through this before and I have a feeling Smith is a little nervous today.[/quote]

I think Smith is probably less nervous today because he knows that with Gore healthy, we will have a running game.* I grant you that the Giants are a much healthier, better team than the last time they came to Candlestick but so are the 49ers, so I think those advantages offset.

If the game is as close as analysts are predicting, I would take David Akers over Eli Manning.* Not only can he score from fifty yards without too much of a sweat but he has a better pass completion record than Manning.*

Eli is a SB MVP and is now regarded as a Top 5 QB in the NFL. Your remark is quite ridiculous.