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Thread: 5 most overrated/underrated prospects going into the 2012 draft?

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    Re: 5 most overrated/underrated prospects going into the 2012 draft?

    [quote user="BlueSanta"][quote user="critters"].

    I like UT's Tauren Poole as a guy flying under the radar more than both.

    I agree Poole is a good player. I would not say he is flying under the radar though. I think plenty know of his ability.

    He was running behind an atrocious offensive line this year which kept his numbers down. He may not be "under the radar" but he's going to drop more than he would have had he been running behind even an average SEC OL.

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    Re: 5 most overrated/underrated prospects going into the 2012 draft?

    [quote user="look@dafilm"]I would love for the 49ers to get McNutt.

    Think about it, the starting offense would consist of McNutt, Crabs, and VD.
    lmao crabs and VD.....can never get sick of that (or could you [])

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    Re: 5 most overrated/underrated prospects going into the 2012 draft?

    [quote user="nycsportzfan"]Who are the 5 most overrated and underrated players this draft season?

    Here are mine(not in any paticular order)

    Ryan Tannehill QB Tex A&m= I really like em last yr but soured on em this past season as he was so inaccurate at times and the decison making was brutal way more often then i'd like to see.. If he were talked about as a late 3rd round/ early 4th i'd probably think diffrently but hes talked about as a 1st rounder and i've seen mocks have em as early as pick like 12 overall which is crazy based on what i saw from him this past season

    Quentin Coples DE UNC= Heres a guy with big potential but dosen't play up to that potential nearly enough especially when talking about using a TOP 10pick on the guy.. To risky in my opinion and judged on what i seen on the field i woulden't feel good about taking this guy in top 10 and would feel more comfortable in pick 18-25 range... Football is a game played on emotion and energy and i don't see that enough outta coples

    Vontaze Burfict LB Arz St
    = This guys the opitomy of boom or bust.. I def didn't see 1st round talent on the field with burfict this past season ... Just simply to risky with his head case persona and the fact he didn't make enough plays on the field in 2011 to see a first rounder in my opinion.. I think hes vastly overrated..

    Coryell Judie CB Tex A&m= Not all my overrated players are from the first round .. Heres a kid in Judie that i watched get torched a couple times early on against good comp and i just can't get it outta my mind.. I can't remember what 2games it was i believe the ARK and OK ST games and at least one of em was one of those 2 and it was so bad i actually posted about it.. I seen a CB who just looked overrmatched and didn't have the greatest technique or idea what he was doing out there.. I see Judie as more of a late 4th /early 5th type CB and most got em in the 3rd rd range with some having 2nd rounder for him.. I'd perfer not even to draft the guy let alone in the 2nd round!

    Brandon Thompson DT Clemson
    = I actually called him the invisible man about a handful of times this yr..lol Sure hes solid against the Rush but is way to quiet to often and Clemson's D was dreadful way to often to let anyone other then a playmaker(A Branch) off the hook .. No way a guy who stuffs the run but dosen't make any plays really on a terrible defense is gonna possibly be my 1st round pick!!!lol I think its early to talk thompson in the top of rd 2! I woulden't go with em untill RD 3 the earliest..


    Casey Hayward CB Vandy
    = This kids insanley good! Like 1st round good! He dosen't have elite speed so some people think hes like a 3rd round pick which is insane! This kids good against the pass and run and makes plays! Hes got enough size and fantastic technique and ball recognition.. I seriouly woulden't be surprised if a Team catches on and takes him in RD 1 or at worst Early RD 2.. I'd take hayward over Alfonzo Dennard all day! He reminds me alot of Janoris Jenkins who is a probably 1st rounder..

    Doug martin RB Boise S
    t= A guy i've loved as a prospect for a couple yrs now and have talked about as another ray rice/mjd type for all most as long.. I think that highly of martin.. I think hes underrated just because hes not talked about all that often.. Kinda feels like a afterthought when talking RB's in this yrs draft(its a deep class of backs). All i know is someone will get a sick deal if they get this kid in RD 3!

    marvin mcnutt WR Iowa= I think this kid can hold his own against just about every WR in this class and u rarley hear about em.. I see him going after quite a few WR's that i think he'll be just as good as and if not better.. He looks the part with a great size and solid speed for a bigger wr. He reminds me of Kenny Britt

    markelle martin S Ok St= I think hes right there with mark barron and lester as the top safety in this yrs class and i woulden't be against taking him early 2nd.. Hes not the biggest safety but is a enforecer in CF that can fly.. He didn't have the gaudiest nums out there but i like his future as a pro and think hes got PRO BOWL potential.. I don't see a HOLE in his game...

    Fletcher Cox DT miss s
    t= This dudes crazy strong! I got Cox as the 2nd best DT in this draft and its close to 1st(devon still by a nose).. Cox is a very strong(brute like) penetrating DT.. He can flat out destroy lineman and is gonna be a stud as a pro! I'd be estatic if we end up with Cox in RD1..

    [/quote] doug martin continues to impress at the sr bowl and is showing to be the complete RB that he looked like during the season getting pass catches in routes against LB's mcclellin and Cole and cole was said to be very good so far which is even better that martin beat him.. Also mcnutt and hayward have gotten good reviews so far this sr bowl.. Heres a couple reports on mcnutt and martin from today

    "One receiver who had an impressive day was Iowa's Marvin McNutt. He won
    his first receiving rep by beating Oklahoma cornerback Jamell Fleming on
    a dig route. Fleming got some revenge by getting by a block from McNutt
    later on, but the big wideout played well in the team scrimmage. "

    "Boise State running back Doug Martin had a solid practice. In the
    one-on-ones he burned college teammate McClellin on a corner post route.
    Martin ran a deep post to get separation on North Carolina State
    linebacker Audie Cole for another catch. "

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    Re: 5 most overrated/underrated prospects going into the 2012 draft?

    I think the most underrated guy in the draft is Case Keenum. I saw a lot of his games over the past few years and the dude could possibly be a fantastic QB. I would love to see the Giants grab him if he's there in the 5th round.

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    Re: 5 most overrated/underrated prospects going into the 2012 draft?

    [quote user="slipknottin"][quote user="look@dafilm"]I would love for the 49ers to get McNutt.

    Think about it, the starting offense would consist of McNutt, Crabs, and VD.

    dude go away. this forum is not for 9ers fans to discuss who they want.[/quote]

    Again Dragon, for you

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    Re: 5 most overrated/underrated prospects going into the 2012 draft?


    1) Zebrie Sanders (OT, FSU) There is a lot I do not like about how this kid plays the game and about his toughness. And this, comming from a guy who went to FSU.

    2) Alshon Jeffery(WR Clemson). I toyed with the idea of putting the entire Wr class as overrated, because I do not think it is a very good 1. But, I decided against it because there are some nice talents at the top for sure. Jeffery is a guy who is the 5th rated WR, and I have some concerns with his game. He is a big physical guy who catches it well. He blocks very well on the outside too. But where is the acceleration? I want to see him run a the combine because there are times he just looks slow to me. I watch highlights where the Qb has to scramble around avoiding dlinement just to give AJ enough time to get downfield. In a way, he reminds me of Barden when he came out. Th difference being nobody had him as a 1st rounder. It was tougher to tell with barden because the level of competition wasnt there, but I saw a lot of the same thing. A guy who had a hard time getting a step and if he did get a half step, often couldnt keep it.

    3) Andre Branch (DE, Clemson) This is a tough 1 for me because I do not want to sound too down on this kid. He has some good things about him, I just dont like him as high as many others do. A) I see him very inconsistent off the ball. Quick 1 play, slow the next. Often, he appears much slower off the line than Brandon Thompson. B) He didnt go against very many good tackles this year. Couple that with his fishy excuses for missing the senior bowl(see "E") and its hard to evaluate him C) Clemson's offense was so prolific, teams tried to match their ability to score. Branchs sack numbers were inflated a bit because he had SO many chances to pin his ears back. D) He played next to Brandon Thompson. 1 of the top DT prospects. This meant he didnt face many double teams which also inflate his numbers a bit. E) Senior bowl shenanigans. Branch supposedly missed the weigh in because of issues getting there due to "bad weather." Then on day 2 when he wasnt there his camp said he had a groin issue. Well, which is it? If it was your groin, why not give measurables? F) lastly, there is the bad Orange bowl tape vs West Virginia. WVA spent way more effort trying to block Thompson on the inside and Branch should have shined.Instead, he got schooled 1v1 all day and his play really broke down and he looked lost. In his defense , I think Clemsons defensive coordinator is on par with Bill Sheridan, but still I want to see a guy, especially a supposed team leader like Branch, not give up like that.

    4)Vontaze Burfict. I agree with others who think boom or bust. If you watch his 2010 tape, he is a top 15 pick. If you watch his 2011 tape he belongs in a mental institution. I just have a hard time picking anyone early in the draft who's college team told him he isnt welcome back for his senior year.

    5) Marquis maze (wr bama) - When a guy not known for his height comes in 2 inches shorter than listed and appears chunky, then spends 3 days at the senior bowl whining how he got screwed in the measurement(huh? how does that even happen?) It irks me. His level of immaturity was on showcase all week of the senior bowl and I do not like short, fat, whiney, immature WRs...sorry Mr Maze.


    1) Andrew Datko(Left Tackle FSU) - Sat out a great deal of this season with shoulder issues. Tried to have them scoped but it didnt take. More detailed 2nd surgery should solve the problem. What boggles my mind is how anyone could watch FSU at all in recent years and have Zebrie Sanders ranked HIGHER than Datko, even considering Datko's injuries. The Injuries will have Datko dropping to the mid/late rounds, this kid was once a shoe in 1st rounder. If docs get a good look at him and think he is recovered, he is a good pick. I watched him a lot in college go against some very good players, and the only 1 I ever saw get the better of him is on the Giants right now wearing #90.

    2) LaMichael James. There are RBs I like more, but I still like James more where some have him. People keep saying "he doesnt have the size to be a full time RB." and I agree with them. The problem is , hardly any NFL teams even use a full time RB anymore. We all know how good he is in space, but I believe he is underrated as an interior runner too. He is a matchup nightmare out of the backfield for defenses as well. Guys like Warrick Dunn, Darren Sproles, Dave Meggett, Eric Metcalf(thats right I went oldschool 2x), and even Tiki Barber(minus the mouth) belong(ed) in this league for a reason. Right now, LJ is a better prospect than any 1 of those guys was coming out of college.

    3) Devon Still(DT Psu). All he does is disrupt. He has rare power and scouts have him going mid/ late in the 1st round to early 2nd. That baffles my mind. I see a top 10 pick.

    4) Jayron Hosley (cb VT) I said above I wasnt fond of this years Wr crop. Well, it is the exact opposite for CBs. I see 5 guys who could be 1st rounders in most years. People seem to be talking a lot about Kirkpatrick, Heyward, Jenkins, and Clayborne, and deservedly so they are all good.But, with some of those guys falling pray to character concerns some teams may begin to look closer at Hosley's tape,I think they will like what they see. A ballhawk who plays bigger than his size and covers well in all schemes. As long as he doesnt come to the combine smaller than his listed size, I expect him to be a late riser. An excellent punt returner as well.

    5) Brandon Thompson (DT Clemson) As I said above, Branch gets all the acclaim. But I truly believe a large part of his success is because of the inside threat of Thompson. I watch the tape and it is Brandon, not branch who is lightning quick off the snap. Its Thompson, not Branch who is getting double teamed. I think his technique has room to grow, but his 1st step is an explosion. There was a lot of chatter about how much Coples dominated the senior bowl week. However, a couple scouts noted that Thompson was every bit as dominant as Coples.

    Hon mention - Eddie Whitley (FS, VT) I like him. I know his stats arent fantastic but I think that has as much to do with how VT uses him as anything. He often plays man cover like a corner which takes away some of his safty tackle numbers. He does tackle well and, by all accounts, a fantastic leader. I like his versatility and his contributions to special teams. Giants always seem to pursue hard nosed versatile DBs.

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    Re: 5 most overrated/underrated prospects going into the 2012 draft?

    Hahaha. Please point out where Maze was complaining about his measurement. That just sounds ridiculous. It's not exactly based on opinion. I would say anyone who would put him in the first 5 rounds, that's overrated... but I could see him as a 6th or 7th round pick even if it was just to be a return guy.

    I have the same concerns with Alshon.. BUT, I've watched him play so many times and even when secondaries are focusing on him he just finds a way to get the ball. He's put up better than numbers than AJ Green and Julio Jones despite horrible qb play. It's weird... he doesn't look very quick and seems to have an average AT BEST top speed but he just gets the job done somehow. He's one of the guys I'm most interested in seeing at the combine.

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    Re: 5 most overrated/underrated prospects going into the 2012 draft?

    This is off topic, and I'm sorry about that. However, this troll "look@dafilm" needs to get gone.

    Putting a gif of a player desperately trying to get back in the Superbowl after tearing his ACL as your signature is of the lowest class, and absolutely galling.

    If you want to be a bitter jackass, do it on your own board.


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    Re: 5 most overrated/underrated prospects going into the 2012 draft?

    [quote user="critters"]Hahaha. Please point out where Maze was complaining about his measurement. That just sounds ridiculous. It's not exactly based on opinion. I would say anyone who would put him in the first 5 rounds, that's overrated... but I could see him as a 6th or 7th round pick even if it was just to be a return guy.


    I remember reading it in a couple places, during the senior bowl week. However right now the only 1 have been able to find is from Draftbreakdown.com 's daily updates of the senior bowl.

    Here are 2 quotes:

    day 1 notes at the weigh in..

    "WR Marquis Maze UA -No tone at all, clearly dislikes the weight room"

    Day 2....

    "I have huge redflags about Marquis Maze. I spoke with him and he
    was still complaining about his height measurement. 28 hours later, you
    just got done with an exhausting practice and youíre still complaining
    about your height measurement? Címon man! If thereís something you
    should be complaining about, itís your (over)weight. Okay, thatís
    probably the meanest Iíll ever be to a prospect because I hate judging
    the character of people that I donít know well. Still, I think he has
    some growing up to do at the next level."

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    Re: 5 most overrated/underrated prospects going into the 2012 draft?

    That's funny. Maze never appeared to be pudgy to me, but maybe he celebrated a little too much after the BCSCG and couldn't work out because of his hamstring. Either way, what a ridiculous thing to complain about. Sorry bro, you're small.

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