[quote user="critters"]That's funny. Maze never appeared to be pudgy to me, but maybe he celebrated a little too much after the BCSCG and couldn't work out because of his hamstring. Either way, what a ridiculous thing to complain about. Sorry bro, you're small.

So wait, you ask for a link and get it and I am now small? He is 5'7 186 lbs, that isnt ideal size at all. I noted his immaturity too, with a backup link. You ignore that too? Sounds like your a blind bama fan.

How about the fact that he was 2.5 inches shorter than his listed Alabama height of 5'10 and 7 pounds heavier....you ok with that too?

Am I small for thinking that size, fitness and maturity matter in the NFL? If so, then I guess I am small.

If you disagree with me, feel free to make an argument. But claiming these things dont matter and " I am small" for thinking they do just make you look like a Bama homer.