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    weather= niners advantage?

    All ive kept hearing this week is the weather is going to be the niners advantage. Ive never been to new york but i didnt know you guys played in such a warm and sunny place? You guys must have some great special effects guys on staff because ive seen you guys play in some weather effecting games. Well atleast it looked that way on tv. Being from the bay area i know the niners have not played in many games like it will be tomorrow. So i say advantge giants.

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    Re: weather= niners advantage?

    Bad weather favors the passing game.

    See: Tom Brady.

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    Re: weather= niners advantage?

    Bad weather favors nobody since BOTH offenses and defenses have to play in it. It all evens out overall.

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    Re: weather= niners advantage?

    It depends on the players not the type of offense you have in general.

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    Re: weather= niners advantage?

    According to Bill Parcells "bad weather favors the better team and the Giants are the better team."

    I can agree with that! [H]

    No one remembers who came in second.

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    Re: weather= niners advantage?

    since when can't the G-Men play in bad weather?

    Last time I checked we play in OUTDOOR GIANTS STADIUM in NJ. We are used to the rainy,cold, windy weather. This team has always prided itself on being and outdoor team and playing in all the elements.

    Oh and since when is the weather in California tougher to play in than the weather in NJ/NYC in the middle of the winter? GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK!!

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    Re: weather= niners advantage?

    The Giants can play in cold and wet weather. The field tomorrow might be wet and sloppy. They will both have the gear to deal with it. I don't see how it favors anyone.

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    Re: weather= niners advantage?

    They have something over it so it should be ok at the begining.

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    Re: weather= niners advantage?

    The problem with the weather is the dump that is Candelstick Park.

    A dump so bad that the baseball team got the heck out of there but the neglected 49ers are still there. It's the last baseball stadium being used in the NFL.

    The place is a bad baseball stadium built in 1960 and it's got a terrible field, is below sea level, and it has been raining for like 5 days straight.

    In other words the field is going to be a mud pit.
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    Re: weather= niners advantage?

    Eli Quote:

    "I think I am fine throwing in the rain," Manning said. "It is not something I worry about. I've had success throwing in rain games. If it is going to be a wet game, I've always felt the offense has an advantage from throwing the ball. Receivers have an advantage when the ground is wet. They know where they are going, they know what they are doing, they should come out of their breaks a little bit better. We should not be the ones slipping. It's usually the defensive side that slips."

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