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    A nice Eli article, enjoy

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    Re: A nice Eli article, enjoy

    [quote user="swordfish"][link]http://espn.go.com/espn/story/_/id/7483199/eli-manning-rise[/link]

    How do you post a link, thanks.

    Copy and paste? and then post :P

    seriously though [ link] whatever the url [ / link]
    (could also use [ url] [ / url] , whatever works. and remove the spaces)
    "...two minute drill at the end of each quarter, Ya'know with the wind like this blowing mooch and marshall into the ocean...If that's behind me I think were getting 3 from 70 so holla at your boy. IF YOU DON"T PICK ME THAT'S A JOKE RIGHT?" - Justin Tucker, Ravens kicker

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    Re: A nice Eli article, enjoy

    Did the copy and paste thing.

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    Re: A nice Eli article, enjoy

    Rick Reilly is a ******. i remember after the rams game he was on the monday night football set with steve young and those guys, he basically said something like "yea i just spoke with eli in the locker room, bla bla bla bla, eli i think is one of those QBs that is good but will never be great"

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