[quote user="miked1958"][quote user="flamethrower"][quote user="Giants10Joe"]Don't mean to be rude, but I've seen a lot of your posts on the message boards and I've been wondering why a Texans fan is such a frequent visitor? I can understand Cowboys, Eagles, and Jets fans wanting to come trash talk but the Texans and Giants don't really have anything in common.
I come by to see what is posted. When I see something dumb I reply. Why, worry about what my reasons are? Or, are you gonna be like the great majority of Giants fans here are? You gonna invent a "Conspiracy theory" to explain why I post here. There ain't one.
No matter where you are from u been posting here since 09 on and off. That's okay in my book.
Matt Shaub doesn't get hurt and it's prob your texans we are playing instead of Pats. Houston could have been the most complete team offense,defense, STs besides SF without their injuries[/quote]
Also weather you agree or disagree about the bad, or non-calls is no matter. You have a right to your opinion. Last time I checked we still fight for our freedoms here in the USA.
Not sure what was said In the other thread u are referring to. I posted in it, but did not read the whole thing. To many pages of lengthy posts