i expected this to be a game like this. i expected a low scoring, very close game. all those people expecting a blowout from either team were kind of overkill with homerism but wow, i never thought we would shoot ourselves in the foot with the bad adjustments and mental lapses, it's safe to say kyle williams will be hated by most 49ers fans for a long time,

but i'll give credit where it's promptly due, the giants outplayed us greatly today that was a sloppy game and giants just executed better, i will be pulling for you in the super bowl because one, i don't like the patriots. and two, it you can play like that on super bowl sunday then you should represent the nfc in the super bowl, great game will see you in later years.. i'll accept smack talk about you're team for now but i will be back on these boards in offseason preseason regular season and postseason especially if my niners play the giants in the future