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    Congrats to the G-Men!

    Great NFCCG.

    Just one more thing:


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    Re: Congrats to the G-Men!

    Thanks, yes I hope we beat everyones favorite team LOL

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    Re: Congrats to the G-Men!

    They're not my favorite team. That's for darn certain.

    As for the Niners... They're improved. But I can't stand them either. I'm a
    Bengals fan. I respect them, but I was cheering the Giants.

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    Re: Congrats to the G-Men!

    I want to see Eli in a new system before I throw in the towel in him. (1-15-14)

    *** OK I have seen it and I'm a bit worried *** (8-30-14)

    ***** I'm not as worried after all ***** (9-26-14)

    Get well #80!

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